Cruising : Gay Erotic Stories

Cruising : Gay Erotic Stories


Hot flings at a seedy truck stop. Homemade glory holes in the stall walls of a dorm shower. Fun and fornication at an infamous park. Steamy bathhouse trysts and other tales of public eroticism is what Cruising is all about. As Shane Allison says, This is the anthology I have dreamed of doing for years. There's nothing that gets the adrenaline flowing and the muscle throbbing like public sex. Filled with hot plots and even hotter characters, Cruising doesn't shy away from new erotic territory and includes several true confessions including those of the editor himself. As with all of Allison's sexy compilations, creativity and diversity of story lines are key along with the fun factor that is the hallmark if Allison's anthologies. One Hot Baby by Daniel Curzonperson is a wryly sweet short about an aging straight guy who stops to pee in a park and gets an unexpected blow job, which lifts his spirits. A fierce black queen enjoys some of New York's Phynest in an arresting erotic encounter with a hot Domincan cop in Donald Peebles Jr.'s surprise-filled story while the narrator of Rob Rosen's Small Town Blues gets horny in the sticks, hits on a young Indian immigrant clerk in the jiffy mart and discovers that the hicks are up for group action anytime and anywhere. Cruising moves at the highest speed and is filled with kink, sex toys, exotic locations, wild scenarios and plenty of sexual intensity.

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