Adapted Physical Education and Sport

Adapted Physical Education and Sport


The field of adapted physical education and sport has undergone numerous changes in recent years. This new edition of Adapted Physical Education and Sport will help you stay on top of those changes and, in doing so, provide the highest-quality physical education and sport opportunities for students with disabilities.


The sixth edition of this well-loved text builds on its successful previous editions and is replete with changes that are current with today's trends and practices in the field:

* As the inclusion movement continues to expand, the authors have revised several chapters to detail relevant inclusion practices and applications in both physical education and sport, helping to integrate students with disabilities into regular class and sport settings with guidelines for modifying activities.

* The chapter on adapted sport is further developed to communicate and reflect on progress in the field and includes a Sport Framework for Individuals with Disabilities model to help develop and implement sport programs.

* The book gives attention to the revised Brockport Physical Fitness Test, and the accompanying web resource offers video clips that explain and demonstrate the criterion-referenced health-related tests that are applicable to many students with disabilities.

* Advances and applications pertaining to behavior management and wheelchair sport performance are covered in various chapters.

* The authors address the use of new technology as it relates to teaching and administration for adapted physical education and explore stand-alone apps that can be used in conjunction with the book that are useful in behavior management, fitness development, communication, social interaction, and physical education activities.

* The authors give increased attention to the problem of obesity, particularly relevant to students with disabilities.

* Many new authors and a coeditor have been brought on board, bringing fresh perspectives to the book and adding to the depth of experience provided by the returning authors and editor.

These additions help Adapted Physical Education and Sport maintain its reputation as a comprehensive, user-friendly text that helps teachers provide top-quality services to people with unique physical education needs. Greatly influenced by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, this book helps in identifying the unique needs of students and developing physical education programs, including individualized education programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities, that are consistent with current federal legislation.


The text is augmented by its ancillaries, which include an instructor guide, test package, presentation package, and web resource with video. The instructor guide offers chapter objectives, additional resources, and learning and enrichment activities that will help students master the content and extend their knowledge. The test package helps in building custom tests using hundreds of test questions and answers. You will find hundreds of PowerPoint slides that reinforce the text's key points in the presentation package, and the web resource includes 26 videos of the new Brockport Physical Fitness Test in action as well as several reproducibles from the book.


The authors, renowned authorities in their fields, use real-life scenarios to introduce chapter concepts and then show how to apply the concepts in solving issues. The text will help deepen understanding of the implications of disabilities for people through age 21 (though much of the book is relevant in the entire life span). It grounds readers in the foundational topics for adapted physical education and sport, explores the developmental considerations involved, and outlines activities for developing programs for people with unique physical education needs.

The book offers a four-color design to draw attention to important elements and provides separate author and subject indexes as well as resources with each chapter and on the web resource for further exploration.

Adapted Physical Education and Sport supplies all that is needed for enriching the lives of students with disabilities by providing them with the high-quality programs they deserve.

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