The Action Research Guidebook : A Four-Stage Process for Educators and School Teams

The Action Research Guidebook : A Four-Stage Process for Educators and School Teams


Action research is a popular form of professional development and incorporates qualitative and quantitative methods, reflective practice, and educational pedagogy. Action research is conducted by the person or the people empowered to take action, for the purpose of improving their future action. Teachers know their particular students, classroom, and schools intimately - therefore, they are best equipped to pick a particular problem (or research question) and then use qualitative or quantitative techniques for further study.

The book is organized around Sagor's four stage process developed from his many years of experience training hundreds of educators. The four stages are:

1. Clarifying visions/targets

2. Articulating theory

3. Implementing action and collecting data 4. Reflecting on data and planning informed action.

The book includes numerous tables, charts, handouts, forms, and worksheets to demystify and simplify the action research process. Short examples drawn from the author's experience working on-one-on with teachers on their action research projects are also included - from raising reading proficiency to increasing the problem solving capacity of faculty members. Sagor shows how teacher teams can work collaboratively to identify and research problems related to the school's goals.

Appropriate for use by individual teachers and teacher teams, as well as by preservice teachers in teacher education courses. Headteachers, counsellors, and other educators will also find the action research process useful for school improvement.

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