Practical Action Research for Change

Practical Action Research for Change


'This book is a modern catalyst for change in higher education. I have made it required reading for doctoral students, administrators, and faculty who must update their pedagogy to raise student learning' - Joseph Martin Stevenson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Jackson State University

Action research provides a process for educators to individually and collectively study their own situations, try new practices, evaluate those innovations, adjust, and try again.

In this second, revised edition, Richard Schmuck demonstrates how educators at all levels can use action research to improve their professional practice and change the culture of their schools, districts, or communities. He shows how educators, by reflecting on their past, present, and future professional practice, can convert frustrations into solvable problems, and offers guidance about the potential pitfalls and challenges experienced when engaging in action research.

This updated workbook covers both proactive and responsive models of action research and also includes

o Easy-to-understand explanations of methods, steps, and phases

o A chapter devoted to questionnaires, interviews, observations, and public documents

o Guidelines for both solo and cooperative projects

o "How-to" worksheets that guide readers through the process

o Journal-writing activities at the end of every chapter

o Case studies of real action research projects

Practical Action Research for Change is the essential tool for educators to tailor action research to their specific situation and improve professional practice.

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