Concepts Of Athletic Training

Concepts Of Athletic Training


Heavily revised and updated with the latest data from the field, the Seventh Edition of Concepts of Athletic Training focuses on the care and management of sport and activity related injuries while presenting key concepts in a comprehensive, logically sequential manner that will assist future professionals in making the correct decisions when confronted with an activity-related injury or illness in their scope of practice.

New to the Seventh Edition:

- An extensively revised and rewritten Chapter 3, The Law of Sports Injury, includes new material on the ethics of sports-injury care and the role of the athletic trainer in risk assessment and liability
- Chapter 4, Sports-Injury Prevention, provides new material on training benefits of anaerobic fitness
- Chapter 7, Emergency Plan and Initial Injury Evaluation, includes an expanded section on the assessment of the injured athlete's physical exam that urges coaches to collect as much information about the injury, as well as the health history of the athlete.
- Chapter 13, Injuries to the Thorax and Abdomen, contains new sections on muscle strains and cardiac defects

Key Features include:

- New and revised What if? scenarios encourage students to work on critical decsion-making skills, alone or in a group setting with role-playing activities
- Time Out boxes provide additional information related to the text, such as NATA Athletic Helmet Removal Guidelines, how to recognize the signs of concusiion, and first aid for epilepsy
- Athletic Trainers Speak Out boxes feature a different athletic trainer in every chapter who discusses an element of athlete care and injury prevention
- Anatomy Reviews introduce body parts to students unfamiliar with human anatomy and acts as a refresher for those students with some anatomy background

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