The Good Mother : A gripping emotional page turner with a twist that will leave you reeling

The Good Mother : A gripping emotional page turner with a twist that will leave you reeling


If Liane Moriarty had written Friend Request . . .

'It's Jenna,' Ark says. 'She's - '
His voice tears off.
'She's dead.'

One ordinary afternoon, Fairlie Winter receives a devastating phone call - her best friend is dead.

Jenna Rudolph was a devoted mother and wife and has left behind her young son, Henry, and her grief-stricken husband, Ark. The circumstances surrounding Jenna's death, while tragic, seem to be clear-cut yet Fairlie can't shake the feeling that Jenna was hiding something.

And then Fairlie receives a letter. From Jenna. Posted before she died.

The contents of that letter force Fairlie on a journey to discover the truth - a truth that she may not be ready for. Driven by her need for answers, she uncovers a horrifying past of two desperate mothers and the tragic choices they made for their children and she must ask herself, is there such a thing as loving your child too much?

Heart-breaking, tense and dramatic, The Good Mother is about the price of motherhood and the unthinkable things we do in the name of love. Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, B A Paris and Friend Request.

Praise for Kim Lock:

'Filled with twists and surprises - highly recommended' Closer
'Kim Lock knows how to build tension.' Amazon reviewer
'Goes straight in for the jugular' Evening Standard
'I cannot wait for her next book.' Amazon reviewer
'Reminded me of The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty' The Book Bag
'A thrilling exploration into family dynamics and the darkness of domestic violence.' Goodreads reviewer
'Gripping and poignant' Kylie Ladd
'Thrilling.' Woman's Day

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