Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Dynamic Websites


Learn how to create responsive, data-driven websites with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript - whether or not you know how to program. This simple, streamlined guide explains how the powerful combination of PHP and MySQL provides a painless way to build modern websites with dynamic data and user interaction. You'll then learn how to add JavaScript to create rich Internet websites and applications. This book explains each technology separately, shows you how to combine them, and introduces valuable concepts in modern web programming, including objects, XHTML, and session management. "Learning PHP, MySQL, & JavaScript" will help you: understand the essentials of PHP and the basics of object-oriented programming; master MySQL, from database structure to complex queries; create interactive web pages with PHP and MySQL by integrating forms and other HTML features; learn JavaScript from functions and event handling to accessing the Document Object Model; use libraries and packages such as the Smarty web template system, The PEAR program repository, and the Yahoo!
User Interface Library (YUI); make Ajax calls and turn your website into a highly dynamic environment; and, upload and manipulate files and images, validate user input, and secure your applications against being hacked. Programming tips and exercises in each chapter will help you practice what you've learned. If you have a graphics or web design background and know your way around HTML, this book will have you building interactive websites quickly.

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