Walking from East to West : God in the Shadows

Walking from East to West : God in the Shadows


The heartfelt memoir of Ravi Zacharias. Follow along with his journey to discover that God is the author of our destinies, no matter how dark the shadows that hide the light.

Ravi Zacharias lived an extraordinary life. In this touching memoir, Zacharias shares an intimate look into his formative years, inviting you to follow him all the way back to his roots and journey with him through his life: to see and smell the neighborhood in India where he grew up, to feel a mother's love and the consternation of a harsh father, and the lure of friends and sports.

He also tells about his long search for truth in wrestling with Eastern thought and the newer ideas of Christianity, the cry for help in a dark moment when he tried to take his own life--and the dramatic turning point that led to a life lived for Christ. Zacharias recalls his early days as a new convert, what it was like to find a new life in the Western world, and the eventual birth and growth of a worldwide ministry.

He has traveled from the East to the West, and then back again to answer skeptics' penetrating questions about the meaning of life and the existence of a God who is there for his children.

This is a story about an amazing man. Yet it is also everyone's story about belief--how it begins, how it grows, and the struggles associated with it.

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