The Grand Weaver : How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives

The Grand Weaver : How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives


Discover how the unseen hand of God guides the multiple threads of our lives--our joys, our tragedies, and our daily humdrum--to weave a pattern of divine providence and meaning.

How differently would we live if we believed that every event of our lives--from the happy to the tragic to the mundane--was part of a beautiful and purposeful design in which no thread were wrongly woven? That's what bestselling author and internationally known apologist Ravi Zacharias explores in The Grand Weaver.

It's common to believe that great events such as a death or a birth are guided by the hand of God. Yet we can easily drift into feeling that our daily lives are the product of our own efforts rather than sovereignly directed.

This book brims with penetrating stories and insights that show us otherwise. From a chance encounter in a ticket line to a beloved father's final words before dying, from a random phone call to a line in a Scripture reading, every detail of life is woven into its perfect place.

In The Grand Weaver, Dr. Zacharias encourages us to examine our backgrounds, our disappointments, our triumphs, and our beliefs in a different light, explaining how they are all part of the intentional and perfect work of the Grand Weaver.

Also available in Spanish.

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